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AUVSI Competition Overview

The AUVSI competition is an annual mock search-and-rescue autonomous drone competition held in Pautuxent River, MD on the Webster Naval Air Base. The competition is typically held in the middle of June, unfortunately during Spring Quarter Finals. The competition changes slightly between the years, but for the most part it has several main objects from year-to-year:

Competition Field Layout

Typical Field Layout

2019 Rules Overview

Here is a breakdown of the rules for this year. Please note that rules are subject to change per the Judges' discretion. The full document can be found here.

General Restrictions

Team Composition:

UAS System Restrictions

UGV System Restrictions

Ground Station Restrictions

Radio Frequency (RF) Restrictions

Weather and Airfield

Interop System

Mission Demonstration (60% of total score)

Timeline (10% of mission demonstration score)

o 10 minutes for teardown time and to clear the flight line

Autonomous flight (20% of mission demonstration points)

Obstacle avoidance (20% of mission demonstration points)

Object Detection, Localization, Classification (20% of mission demonstration points)

Air Drop (20% of mission demonstration points)

Operational Excellence (10% of mission demonstration points)

Technical Design Paper (20% of total score)

General Guidelines:

Systems Engineering Approach (20% of paper score)

System Design (50%)

Safety Risks and Mitigations (20% of paper score)

Writing style (10% of paper score)

Flight Readiness Review (20% of total Score)

Each member of competition team introduces themselves (5% of readiness review)

System Overview and Planned Tasks (15% of readiness review)

Developmental Testing (50% of readiness review)

Mission Testing (30% of readiness review)